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4 questions to a profitable business idea!

So you want to start a business? Maybe a side hustle? But have no idea what to sell or if your idea will be profitable??...


You have to be able to answer these 4 questions!


If you're interested in starting a side hustle, I created a FREE checklist --


All other helpful info --


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"and yes, I take naps!" - Working from home is no longer a *new normal*... it's just *normal*. So from the gal who's been doing it for 14 months (5 months with my partner)...


Here are my 8 tips to working form home, EFFECTIVELY.


For all information --

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In this episode, I'm shedding some light on a recording that I made 12/15/19 explaining everything I would become in 2020... 


Does the fluffy stuff work? You tell me!



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From music, to words to photos & more... some passion of yours involves creativity. This was a straight forward & inspiring conversation with a 2020 Digital Creator on Instagram -- how she went from a typical broadcasting/journalism career track to embracing social media and monetizing what she loves <3


Guest:  Krista Flentje @kristaflentje


More info:

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Like a silent smelly fart or an unknown cancer... self-sabotage is a distant cousin to Fear, Doubt and Lack of Confidence. However, some don't know anything about it... therefore, they may have no idea that they're ACTIVELY CHOOSING to fail.


A short episode on self-sabotage - how to detect it and how to get rid of it!


For more info --

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How to be grateful WHILE wanting more… Can you do it?

Appreciating what you have + Wanting so much more... can you do it?


HELL YES, you can! Use this tool/affirmation to change that way you think about everything you have and everything you want.

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Did you know that 75% of our day is consumed with work and sleep? And that leaves us with 25% of our day FOR US (not to mention if you have kids + their needs)...


Time is our most precious asset and for those who think that work-life balance is real: I'm busting some of those myths in this episode!


See what freedom means today, to me, and what it should mean TO YOU...


Find Your Freedom Program  >>>>>

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"I don't know how" - one of the biggest hindrances of getting what you want. We all have been faced with the thought or the reality, at one point or another, so tune in to hear the 2 ways to get past it and (better yet) SOLVE IT.


If you've been contemplating a career change, side hustle or starting a business >>> Find Your Freedom is NOW OPEN!


Visit for more info!

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Getting Un-Stuck - The ONLY WAY to do it

That feeling of being "paralyzed" or "caged into our decisions" - it sucks.


Between career changes, moving across the country, side hustle'ing, new business's and romatic relationships --  I've been through my fair share of feeling "stuck"....


And to "get out"..... I always did (and still do) this ONE thing. 


Tune in to see what this ONE thing is!


For all other information:

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Are women less confident? Why seeing your own value is VITAL to the success of your career? And how you can start using self-worth for increases in pay and getting what you want?.....

AN AMAZE-BALLS INTERVIEW w/ Coach, Speaker, Author Velera Wilson (@apositiveid) with a book launch Fall of 2020.

To be interviewed on the show:

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