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What do Michael Jordan, Web MD and tail lights on a car have in common? Well... THIS EPISODE!

Tune in to learn how stress can positively benefit you versus negatively damage you, how to pin-point when stress is heading in the wrong direction versus the right one, and more...

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[WELLNESS] Why are we so tired lately (in 2020)?

After a 3 hour nap on a random afternoon, I went searching for an answer to why I'm so damn tired lately (in 2020). I asked myself all the normal questions... eating healthy? getting good sleep? am I burning myself out with work? and then the scariest one of all "do I have symptoms of COVID?"....

I seemed to be healthy -- SO WHAT THE HECK WAS IT?

Two words and 1 diagnosis that I've never heard of before... and I'm betting pretty heavily that you haven't either.


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35 realizations for 35 episodes!

WOW! It's been 4 months and 35 episodes - an incredible journey so far and significant realizations realized.

I'm not sharing rocket science in this episode. I'm merely sending out reminders. Because for a gal who's been in love with the self-improvement space for years... I know just as good as you do that (sometimes) it takes the 5th or 10th time of hearing something for it to finally click or fully resonate.

You're listening to these 35 things for a reason. What will affect you most positively today? 

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20 Seconds to Changing Your Mindset!

You know those times when you need to get something done that you know is good for you (but it feels like pulling teeth to get started or to follow through)??.......

Maybe it's getting back on a workout routine. Maybe its cooking the healthy dinner instead of ordering McDonald's. 

Use this simple trick and change you mindset in a matter of 20 seconds so you can get done what's MOST IMPORTANT.

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4 tricks to feeling Sexy in your own skin!

Feeling "sexy" is a good thing. But unfortunately the word gets a bad rep.

Tune in for my 4 special tricks to feeling sexy in your own skin. And btw, they cost close to $0.

For more tips/tricks, subscribe to Rachele Radio Podcast and follow me on Instagram @RacheleRadio.


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Are you in a Career-Life-Crisis?

What's a career life crisis? What are the symptoms? Is it like a quarter life crisis or a mid-life crisis?

Today Dr. Rachele Radio is giving you all the tools to self-diagnose yourself... so you can start the recovery process.

Take the Career-Life-Crisis Quiz   >>>>

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Some mornings I would think I was cursed... first I stubbed my toe, then there's no coffee and, finally, my car wouldn't start (those kindof mornings).

But then I learned a trick that cut through all the daily minutia and helped me re-focus on making each day: happy, productive and successful.

Tune in to hear the science behind this trick + a person story! >> for more info on working with me!

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Winning People Over… The Underrated Secret Weapon!!!

Hundreds of sales calls, networking events, relationships and clients later.... The secret to winning people over is not what you might think it is.

Tune in to hear this underrated secret weapon & 4 ways to apply it to your life or your work!

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This Interview with Lucy of @lucyelizabethstudio (who creates and sells earrings as her side hustle), is exactly what you need to hear if you're contemplating starting a side hustle.

Along with creative and financial freedom, you can simply hear in her voice how much joy she has fulfilling orders.

Listen in for her 4 key takeaways to a successfully growing side business!

"Zero to Side Hustle" - digital course - will be available for purchase mid-August of 2020! for more info!


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Stories from Your Host:

From family, to love life, to career to college. Here are the best & worst decisions (professionally + personally) that I've made in my twenties. for a free clarity call.

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