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@KatrinaRosita is a dancer, actress and fitness instructor in Los Angeles. She also happens to be one of my longest friends.

Enjoy our lengthy, talk-over-eachother conversation that walks through critical moments in her 20s (career and love life) where she learned *HOW* to follow her own instinct and be rewarded for it.

@KatrinaRosita - personal

@MessyTwenties - online community & upcoming podcast


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[WELLNESS] 6 Fun Ways to De-Stress

In 2020, stress rates have skyrocketed and it's not a surprise as to why. With some research, in addition to my own life experience managing stress...

Tune in for 6 ways I've conjured up that can help you de-stress, too.

To join my new free community "Self Improvement Daily" (on Facebook) for uplifting, feel-good and resourceful self-help content on the daily, visit -- for the link to the Group!

More living, less stress. I'll see you on the next episode my friend!

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RIP Kati

Last week, I lost one of my best friends from a sudden brain aneurysm. This episode is a tribute to her: Kati.

Please help me honor her life by listening to the 13 lessons her life and sudden death taught me that represent our 13 years of friendship... true, deep, immature, silly, young (forever) friendship.

RIP Kati. I will cherish you forever. I will love you for always.


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Feeling the need for a sudden change?

INSERT: Episode 38 of Rachele Radio. Try these 9 things to feel a little more "new" in your own skin, in your own mind... and in your own life! >> or message me on Instagram for any questions! <3

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