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Are words more significant than actions?

A quick glimpse into my upcoming course program, "SuperPresence" -- this episode breaks down WHY and HOW you can use words to attract more of what you want!

Thank you to our sponsor @WeidWoodCreativeCo for supporting this episode! Check out their Etsy Shop for one-of-a-kind wooden creations!

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Putting fear aside, money is the the #1 tangible reason why people don't start their side hustle or their business idea.

This episode breaks down the 4 ways in which you can be "given" money or "find" money with 11 specific examples of each!

When you want something bad enough, you find ways to get creative and do something about it! So don't let money get in the way of your dream or your big vision.

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I've diagnosed myself with internal inflammatory pain. And as much as I respect doctors, I think most pain we face can be solved at home with new choices and a better mindset.

This episode is an introduction to how I've chosen to fight my own inflammation pain. This episode is also introductory to the follow up episode I will produce a month from now exploiting my findings.

Tune in for my new diet, exploring new foods and *when* I've chosen to eat. Maybe you can help diagnose yourself with inflammatory pain too?

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Fertility issues, personal loss and (just like everyone) large cases of self doubt, today's guest talks about how self-care is the answer to getting over the bad and experiencing true happiness.

Wendi, @Wendi.j.harris (on Instagram), is a past side hustle client and is truly a self-care expert: how to prioritize it, not feel guilt about it AND why making it a part of your routine is absolutely mandatory.

Tune in for today's conversation all bout self-care.


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[LIFE] Working for Yourself - the Pro’s and Con’s

If you've been teetering on the see saw: should I stay or should I go? Listen to this episode.

I'm dishing out my opinions based on 5 facts that make working for yourself completely different than working for someone else.

Ebook COMING OUT SOON: Mindset Shifts for "Quitting Your Day Job" -- Get on the wait list at

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[BUSINESS] The #1 asset in business

You don't need to be in business to capitalize on this asset. And the benefit is: it's available to ALL OF US.

Learn how you can inspire yourself to use something you might already have and either turn it into a money-maker, or a means to negotiate for win-win solutions.

Ebook "Quitting Your Day Job" coming out soon:


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