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Rachele Radio hit its 50th episode - wow! And to celebrate the special event, I combed through hours and hours of audio to find some of the greatest, most inspiring clips from the first 25 episodes.

The last 25 episodes will be published separately as a "Part 2"...

There's music in this entire episode to help with its feel-good nature and if there's one thing this episode means to me, it's this: never stop doing something you love! KEEP GOING.

50 inspiring clips from 50 episodes... TUNE IN to hear the first 25!

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Grief from losing her dad, a boyfriend addicted to drugs, navigating the entertainment industry and all while being a normal 20-something...

This girl knows what "the power of positive relationships" truly means... with herself, with family/friends, in her work and being newly engaged in an incredibly happy and healthy relationship!

This was an excellent conversation about the power of good and bad relationships in all areas of life - whether self-inflicted or self-imposed.

Allie Rick can be found @AllieRick and her podcast @GirlGetReal_

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On November, 2, 2020 -- Jordan and I got married! Nobody knew. It was just us. And my "idea" of a wedding never felt so RIGHT!

Tune in to hear about our love story, why we did what we did, and what's made our relationship the best one of my life.

There's a surprise at the end <3

Love wins all, always, no matter how you choose to declare it, or celebrate it.

I hope you enjoy learning about our love story as much as I love living in it.

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