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I made decisions this year. Not just any decisions, but BIG ONES. One's that involved risk; one's that were hard; and one's that involved a very blind faith in powers you cannot see.

I started this podcast in 2020 with an episode called "Should you start in crappy circumstances?" and now I'm ending with an episode telling you how starting so many things in crappy, shitty and traumatic circumstances has turned out to make 2020 the best year I've ever experienced.

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Have an amazing New Year & until the next episode... in 2021!

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Angela & Scott are truly "everyday action takers". They enjoy simplicity and life with each other as they venture into business together.

As a deeply creative couple, we talk about how their personal and professional life together is rooted in love and having passionate values. And that's a big reason why their side hustle has given them so much joy AND a future of opportunities.

This is a great episode if you want a little inspiration on starting something on-the-side that fulfills a creative piece of you that's not used in your everyday job.

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Jessica did not "look" like someone who would have an emotional eating disorder. But, she was.

From eating to feel numb to overstuffing her day with meaningless activities, Jessica healed her addictive tendencies from the inside out. And, as a result, she now lives with peace, purpose, freedom and fulfillment instead of unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Jessica has won awards for her work and has been featured on media like ABC and MindBodyGreen.

Don't miss this episode where Jessica and I exploit how addictive habits show up in our life and how you can start to reconcile them. - Grab Jessica's video on the 4 roots of emotional eating - Subscribe for podcast updates or get an interview on the show!

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This woman can do it all. From side hustle's, to climbing the toy-industry ladder, getting through an extremely unusual type of kidney cancer and throwing her career away to be an entrepreneur full time (during COVID).

We talk all levels of life in this episode, and I was also able to get some of Azhelle's opinions on diversity issues in the corporate workplace.

Azhelle has a podcast called "Making it in the Toy Industry" and can be found at @TheToyCoach or

Enjoy this episode -- drop a rating if you do!

If you've got a story to tell on Rachele Radio, visit --

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