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Living Abroad. Changing Careers. Starting a Business. Sustainability. Mindfulness. Meditation. Manifesting. Intuition. Travel. Adventure. Relationships. Growth. And loving the journey of being a Multipassionate 20-something.

Katelyn Kosinski (@Katelyn_Now) -- Therapist in training + one of my closest friends -- shares every step of her adventurous journey to getting to know herself in her 20s.

Not exaggerating, we cover EVERYTHING. You'll just have to listen for yourself! -- sign up for my book coming out May 2021 "Super Quitter: How to Become the Happy People You Hate"

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MY FIRST BOOK: AVAILABLE MAY 2021! Society hates Quitters. Why?

To quit is to simply "rid of" -- think about it. What do you want to get rid of right now that's standing between you and your happiness? Do you know you should be saying "No" more often but are not sure how to walk away without feeling guilty?

THIS. IS. SUPER. QUITTER. The movement of individuals using "No" as their Super Power... their driving force towards a prosperous life.

Get on the Book Wait List --

Or DM me @RacheleRadio

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Dear Kati, Happy Birthday!

Our beloved Kati, here's how we spent your 29th birthday!! We miss you, we love you and we hope you approve of how we celebrated your day -- especially when our only wish is that you were there with us!

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This organization is raising money for Brain Aneurysm Awareness in Kati's name!

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