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Turn someone's memory into positive action: That's what Mel & Lindsey did for Kati, our friend, who passed September 2020 from a Sudden Brain Aneurysm.

This is an inspiring episode that will surprisingly bring you comfort as we talk through turning loss and tragedy into something honorary and impactful.

In this episode, the girls also educate me on brain aneurysm's and their unfortunate statistics (especially for women and even worse for women of color).

To our dear friend Kati, we still miss you!

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Leaking? Sounds embarrassing, right? Urogynecology has only been a specialty since 2013. Dr. Sarah Boyles is among the very few doctor's who focuses on women's pelvic health and pelvic organ surgeries.

This episode coverS the lifestyle repercussions of incontinence (commonly affecting women over age 50 or after child birth). However, the majority of the episode is a promotion of women's health conversations, body awareness and lifestyle choices (no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing they can be).

Dr. Sarah Boyles enlightens us with career advice, as well. She loves what she does. She loves how niche her surgical specialty is... but she didn't get to that point without hard work or trying other things.

Tune in for this amazing conversation!

Dr. Sarah Boyle's Website: Click here

Dr. Sarah Boyle's Instagram: Click here

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