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"Your brain doesn't communicate with your ovaries"... Did you know this happens when you're on birth control? I DIDN'T!

This is an exceptional conversation about women's menstrual cycle's, PMS, period pains and how women NEED to listen to their bodies! Pirita (Menstrual Coach & Yoga Teacher) taught me more in this 50 minute conversation than I ever learned back in Sex Ed Classes...

DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE, Ladies. Your period doesn't have to suck. The more you know about the 5 phases, the more conscious choices you will make to ease the process.

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She breaks glass ceilings no matter her circumstances. In this episode we talk about: 1) Energetics, 2) Quantum Leaps, 3) Why "stress" doesn't have to be normal, 4) Privilege, 5) the loss of her dad and 6) "Recognizing that our Energy is our mark on this world... it's a waste to not live fulfilled... this is our only shot"

Leah was my Business Coach in 2020. Leah taught me about online marketing, email marketing (which I'd consider her an Expert at) and she also showed me that your age does not have to define your success.

At 28, she is managing a team, with a full-time employee and a business brining in 6-figures per month!

Find information about Leah's programs:

Her signature programs include: "Service Based Sales" and "Scale Your Side Hustle"

Or Follow Leah on Instagram: @LeahGervais_

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From the highest paid person, Creative Director, at her former company to getting laid off in a crisis to founding 2 successful companies.

She went through the whole "find your purpose" phase of her life until she realized that her purpose was simply to create... and if she enjoys what she creates, her life is purposeful.

In this episode, Nicole dishes out some incredible wisdom from jumping head first into business (not knowing what to do) in addition to her practical online business tips on SEO, Google Ads, Content Writing and Creating Systems.


2. If you're remodeling your house:

3. If you've ever wanted to be a wedding planner: 

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What would you do for Full-Time Freedom? Financial Freedom, Career Freedom, Time Freedom.

Danielle of @TheWanderLover is an Online Business Coach who has traveled to 63 countries, built a 100k+ brand and has been pivoting her business since her first drop-shipping side hustle. She pivots to maintain her freedom!

Danielle has not only built incredible online business skills since quitting her Corporate Finance job in NYC 3 years ago... but she's built a tough mindset, inspiring belief system AND she makes it seem easy.

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Visit her website for her E-Course, Podcast and other Online Business Resources!

Fail Your Way to Happiness >> BOOK WAIT LIST

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Would you move to Latin America to find yourself? Amy Schweim is a soothing soul. Her life's journey is of the highest caliber. It's an example of evoking internal programming to solve some of the most commonly deep-rooted insecurities that hold us back from living with purpose and building a life of no regret.

After a break up, she moved to Latin America. It was there where she found new passions. She has constantly pivoted, constantly surrendered and built a business helping women do exactly the same thing: FIND THEMSELVES.

When COVID-19 simmers down, her RETREATS should reemerge. But for now, she is taking on virtual clients who are looking to emotionally heal from heartbreak, addictions and "rock bottom" experiences by using breathwork, TRUST and mindfulness to fully cope and revive.

IG - @womensradicalpursuits

Check out this YouTube Video!

My Book Comes out Soon!

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