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Brianna Gasper, Mom of 5, Entrepreneur & Thyroid Cancer Survivor, is the executive director of a non profit called Elevate that has raised over $300k with childhood cancer benefit concerts, to run/walks, dance competitions and, most recently, women's wellness events.

AND GUESS WHAT? I'll be a breakout session speaker at this year's upcoming Calm in the Chaos Event (save 20% with my code "ff20") happening in Milwaukee & Chicago in October 2021. To get dates & info, Visit Calm's Instagram Page!

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In this episode, we're talking about Brianna's journey:

- From professional dance team coach (Milwaukee Brewer's former Diamond Dancer's) to a philanthropic career as Executive Director of Elevate

- Why Vulnerability is that the core of her story and mission

- Elevate's largest fundraising day for pancreatic cancer - $30,000 in 1 day!

- Overcoming thyroid cancer and postpartum depression with Babies #3 and #4

- And the story/tragic experience that lead to the organic creation of the event "Calm in the Chaos"


Fear is a normal part of life. But in this episode Brianna discusses that many times her fear was multi-faceted. All in all, this is a very real episode about why having REAL CONVERSATIONS is important to making an impact, *actually* overcoming your fears to move forward AND why allowing good things to come to you is more important than forcing yourself to always help others <3


Join us at Calm in the Chaos: @Calm.Elevate

Follow Brianna on Instagram: @Brianna.Gasper

Use my code "ff20" to snag 20% off your tickets + DM me on Instagram @RacheleRadio for a chance to win a ticket for free!

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Julie is a mom with Type 1 Diabetes and the owner of (her handmade headband side business)!

We talk through what it’s been like for Julie to watch her business grow ORGANICALLY:

- From sewing pants for her daughter to being asked from other parents to make their clothes for their kiddo's as well

- AND THEN having requests come in from adults to make headbands for them (and not the kids)!

We also cover:

- What being a Type 1 Diabetic has taught Julie about life

- What Rest & Relation "R&R" means for her (this is super awesome advice)

- Some things she's writing in her upcoming book (brutally hilarious, honest stories about growing up with a chronic disease)

- And more!

Free 10-day training: Become Irresistible (my secret life weapon) in Dating or Relationships, Job Interviews, Attracting Customers, Engaging a Crowd or Growing an Audience (including secrets for how I've grown an 80k Tiktok audience) at

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The "boundary goat". Lisa is an 11-year, high-performance coach who focuses her entire business and coaching specialty on 1 word (1 secret). You'll have to listen to find out what it is!

In this episode we talk through:

  • Lisa coaching clients with multi-million dollar business's
  • That time Lisa learned from a $100,000 advertising expense
  • How her prior career (Actress) has helped her with her work today
  • Why STARTING is the most crucial element to "figuring out your path"
  • Lisa's journey with how she ended up where she is today
  • How she sets boundaries in her business for long-term, sustainable success and happiness
  • Biggest business & coaching lesson from a gal who's been in the industry - and working for herself - for 11 years!

Find Lisa Fabrega on her website! She has a great training video "Why what you're doing isn't working" or find her on Instagram!

***Want to be a Modern-Day Manifestor? The kind that accommodates 21st century, real-life shit - JOIN ME IN MY NEW PROGRAM!

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