Eat, Pray, Love: A Real Life Radical Journey Solving Internal Falsehoods and Insecurities with Conscious Breathworker & Yoga Teacher, Amy Schweim of @WomensRadicalPursuits

Would you move to Latin America to find yourself? Amy Schweim is a soothing soul. Her life's journey is of the highest caliber. It's an example of evoking internal programming to solve some of the most commonly deep-rooted insecurities that hold us back from living with purpose and building a life of no regret.

After a break up, she moved to Latin America. It was there where she found new passions. She has constantly pivoted, constantly surrendered and built a business helping women do exactly the same thing: FIND THEMSELVES.

When COVID-19 simmers down, her RETREATS should reemerge. But for now, she is taking on virtual clients who are looking to emotionally heal from heartbreak, addictions and "rock bottom" experiences by using breathwork, TRUST and mindfulness to fully cope and revive.

IG - @womensradicalpursuits

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My Book Comes out Soon!

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