Is Fasting Magic? Reversing Type 2 Diabetes. Dropping Thyroid Medication. Losing 50 lbs, More Energy, Cellulite Reduction while Eating Favorite Foods. MIND-BLOWING Information on Intermittent Fasting!

I was MIND-BLOWN throughout this episode with Laurie Lewis of Fast Forward Wellness. Laure is an Intermittent Fasting Coach with clients across the world that have had ASTONISHING results like:

  1. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
  2. Losing 50 lbs while eating food you love (like chocolate, alcohol, etc)
  3. Dropping Thyroid Medication
  4. Increased Energy
  5. Cellulite reduction and clearer skin

In this episode, Laurie and I talk through things like:

  • The windows of eating for intermittent fasting (it's not just 8 hours, there's a bunch of options)
  • What foods/drinks/supplements are appropriate for eating/fasting windows
  • Science of Intermittent Fasting + its relation to Insulin, Fat Distribution and Hormones
  • How they're now calling Alzheimer's "Type 3 Diabetes"
  • Autophagy (the repairing of our cell's vs. creation of new cells)

Laurie is truly a specialist in her work and her knowledge, the research she refers to including studies from Johns Hopkins is exemplary.

Check out Laurie Lewis's site for more in Intermittent Fasting.

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