“Multi-Million Dollar Company & She Hated It” - #1 Key to Next-Level Success & Growth w/ Coach @LisaFabrega - “It’s NOT Strategy, it’s…”

The "boundary goat". Lisa is an 11-year, high-performance coach who focuses her entire business and coaching specialty on 1 word (1 secret). You'll have to listen to find out what it is!

In this episode we talk through:

  • Lisa coaching clients with multi-million dollar business's
  • That time Lisa learned from a $100,000 advertising expense
  • How her prior career (Actress) has helped her with her work today
  • Why STARTING is the most crucial element to "figuring out your path"
  • Lisa's journey with how she ended up where she is today
  • How she sets boundaries in her business for long-term, sustainable success and happiness
  • Biggest business & coaching lesson from a gal who's been in the industry - and working for herself - for 11 years!

Find Lisa Fabrega on her website! She has a great training video "Why what you're doing isn't working" or find her on Instagram!

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