“Selfless Mindfuck” on Motherhood & Identity from Stylish SAHM Blogger, Lauren Henesy, in an Open, Real, Transparent Conversation about Finding Beauty in Transitional Struggles!

40 years old (doesn't look a day over 25)... 4 Miscarriages. Anxiety. Diabetes while Pregnant. Career "Pauses". Mental Resistance & Change Acceptance. Modern Parenting. Magnified Decisions. All while staying stylish and sharing her story on Instagram!

Lauren Henesy is a freelancer, blogger and stay at home mom who has connected with thousands of people through her Instagram and blog (HenesyHouse.com) by simply "being open" about everyday struggles in life. She's honest, transparent and her vulnerability to make you feel like "you are not alone" is admirable.

We talk:

- Delivery struggles

- Pregnancy in your mid-to-late 30's (Lauren had 2 beautiful healthy babies at age 35 and 39)

- Miscarriages and talking about them

- What motherhood does to your motivation (you might be surprised by what she says here)

- Embracing pain, resistance and change

- And, always having a compass around who you are - your identity!

Follow Lauren Henesy on Instagram for tips on: Eco-friendly living, SAHM'ing, Style, Shopping, Travel and other Creative Inspiration!

Lauren's blog post about 40 Things on Turning 40 Years Old is PERFECT! Follow her blog at www.HenesyHouse.com

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