SHE’S BACK (AS AN AUTHOR): “Slowing down is speeding up” - Talking about what this one-year “Stay-cation” in Florida has done for me, my mind and my life.

I'm an Author! And a One-Year Resident of Florida! Talking about how slowing down this last year in Florida ("stay-cation'ing") actually helped me to speed up. I give you a snapshot of the next 5-6 episodes of my podcast: 1) Age doesn't matter, 2) Momhood with a Creative Identity, 3) Intermittent Fasting, 4) The Capacity of our Energy, and 5) From Sewing Hobby to Side Business.

Here's some of what this past year has taught me:

  1. Slowing down is sometimes speeding up (and an encounter with a stranger that verified the same)
  2. There's no such thing as a "perfect" place
  3. The power of feeding our energy
  4. The different aspects of "culture" I didn't realize were actually culture


And download my 6 new meditations at

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