Side Hustle Success: Type 1 Diabetic, Working Mom’s Sewing Side Hustle Organically Grows (@repeated_rhythms) After Making Daughter Clothes!

Julie is a mom with Type 1 Diabetes and the owner of (her handmade headband side business)!

We talk through what it’s been like for Julie to watch her business grow ORGANICALLY:

- From sewing pants for her daughter to being asked from other parents to make their clothes for their kiddo's as well

- AND THEN having requests come in from adults to make headbands for them (and not the kids)!

We also cover:

- What being a Type 1 Diabetic has taught Julie about life

- What Rest & Relation "R&R" means for her (this is super awesome advice)

- Some things she's writing in her upcoming book (brutally hilarious, honest stories about growing up with a chronic disease)

- And more!

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